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JKR provides an easy and reliable source to replace your damaged laptop parts. Visit our showroom to avail of exclusive discounts and offers on quality laptop parts. We sell replacement laptop/printers parts for these brands and more: Dell, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft Surface, Acer, MSI, TAG, Thomson, and Honeywell. Our team of trained professionals provides you with complete IT support.

You can also get a free warranty from our store. And you can also buy laptop accessories from us. We have a huge stock of genuine Dell, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft Surface, Acer, MSI, TAG, Thomson, and Honeywell products. Therefore, you can shop with confidence. We have been in the laptop business since 2001 and have successfully sold thousands of laptops, printers, and accessories. We offer the products at the best prices.

We carry AC adapters, Batteries, LCD Screens, Motherboards/systems, SSD, Fans, Hard drives, Inverter, Keyboard, Keyboard skin Cover, Keyboard Skin, Power Adapters, RAM-Memory. JKR has hundreds of Laptop parts and Replacement printer parts in stock. If there is a part that you cannot find on the list, please drop an inquiry and we will reach out with a confirmation.

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