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Bahrain’s one-stop center for all smart device repairs. We ensure that our smooth processes are applied to deliver services at a quick turnaround while maintaining the top-notch quality of service and ensuring that we are ahead of our competitors. We’re dedicated to you and your gadgets. We provide our customers with a complete solution to getting your faulty device back into working order.

Our strength lies in providing customized smart solutions to technology services and unparalleled hardware and software repair service in the Middle East. Our dedicated aim to remain internationally competitive, and to have hassle-free access to the advancing technologies of our times have led us to forge strong relationships with globally leading companies, like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft Surface, Acer, MSI, TAG, Thomson, Honeywell. etc. We are an authorized reseller for 7 brands across Middle East Asia region.

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Laptop, Printer Repair Services in Bahrain

JKR Computer Services has been rated as the best laptop repair service provider in Bahrain. Our authorized experts mitigate all your demand first. We offers premium service with quick and quality assistance at a reasonable price.

Hardware Support Services

Skilled Technicians: At JKR Computer Sales and Services, we have an excellent team of experienced and certified professionals who are well-versed in handling the repair, maintenance, and support of various technological services. Our IT experts will be on hand to relieve you of any issues you may experience while working with your product.

Sophisticated Labs: Our Company is authorized to handle the support services of many leading brands. We provide quick support and solutions to products whether they fall inside the warranty period or don’t. JKR Computer Sales and Services provides repair services and support to a wide range of products, from desktops, laptops, and notebooks to printers, workstations, servers, storage, etc. Our labs are always at the forefront with innovative and user-centric applications that will offer our customers scalability, usability, and portability.

Fast Delivery: At JKR Computer repair services, we offer our customers the option of pickup and delivery service at a very nominal cost. Our assurance and ability to provide fast repair services and delivery to our customers have ensured the growth in our reliability as a quick fixer of IT problems. We will pick up your units for service at your doorstep, and deliver it back to you after completion of service.

PC Support Services

JKR Repair Services is an authorized company that provides maintenance, support, and repair services to the leading PC brands. Our company’s technical experts are well-versed in providing efficient solutions at an optimal cost for any kind of hardware issue that may arise from a computer. At our highly advanced labs, we have the capability to do repairing services at both motherboard and chip levels. Our technicians are quick enough to provide diagnostics and solution recommendations to the issues present. Moreover, our state-of-the-art laboratories are stocked with spare parts that can be used to replace the faulty ones in a computer. Irrespective of the duration of the warranty period, JKR repairing services provide fast solutions for your PC needs. JKR computer sales and service company also provides annual maintenance contracts to enterprises and corporates.

Lenovo: JKR repair services provide the highest quality Lenovo repairing solutions. We are the only authorized dealers of authentic Lenovo computer accessories, sales, and services in Bahrain.

HP: Our Company is a reputed HP laptop service center in Bahrain, dealing with original computer accessories, HP laptop, and PC repair.

Dell: If you are looking for an approved Dell agent in Bahrain, then JKR Computers is the one for you. Our team of technicians will help you with any requirements you need for your Dell laptops and computers, whether they are under the warranty period or not. As with other leading brands, we are also the premium dealers of Dell laptops and accessory services in Bahrain.

Acer: If you have an Acer laptop, then JKR Computers is the best person to help you with any problems that may arise. We deal with warranty issues as well as post-warranty repairs for Acer desktops, laptops, tablets, and servers.

Fujitsu: JKR Computers is one of the leading companies that deal with a major brand like Fujitsu. We provide authentic warranty repair services for laptops and printers.

Honeywell: When it comes to Honeywell, if you have any problems with your device, if it’s within its warranty period, JKR can repair the printer or digital tablets and deliver it to you quickly and efficiently.

Lenovo: JKR Computer Repair Services also offers a warranty, as well as post-warranty, repairs for Lenovo desktops, laptops, tablets, etc.

Microsoft Surface: JKR Computer Repair Services are also an authorized dealer of Microsoft Surface. As such, our technicians are skilled in handling warranty and post-warranty repair services for Microsoft Surface tablets.

Tag: Tag tech laptops that fall under warranty can be looked at in our labs at JKR Computer Services Company.

Thomson: Our Company also offers repairs and timely deliverance of Thomson laptops that fall under the warranty period.

MSI: At JKR Computer Repair Services, we deal with major global brands and are authorized to provide repair services for such brands as MSI. Whether your device falls under warranty or post-warranty, our skilled technicians can efficiently and quickly sort out the issues and return your device to you as good as new.

Printer Support and Repair Services

JKR Computer Repair Services is also a one-stop-shop for all your printer needs as well. We cater to a wide range of printer brands, scanners, photocopiers, plotters, etc., and are experts in the technical know-how of these devices. Additionally, we are also the authorized dealers of most global brands and we excel in delivering efficient and economical support and repair services for these products within a short duration.

At JKR Printer Repair Services, we have a band of engineers who are certified to reliably handle any issues that may arise with your printers. Our in-house experts can swiftly provide diagnostic solutions to fix your printer needs. Moreover, our sophisticated labs are stocked with spare parts that help us in churning out a quicker repair turn-around time. Customers will also have the option of requesting prompt pickup and delivery of their printers at a very nominal rate.

Tablet Support and Repair Services

Tablets are a widely used category of mobile gadgets that are found in every home and office. As such, these devices face a lot of issues while functioning, and our customers may encounter a cracked display or broken device. Such hardware, as well as software, issues are dealt with swiftly by our professional technicians. In our lab, our engineers can help fix everything from a cracked display screen to a broken port. Our engineering team at JKR Computer Repair Services is authorized and equipped to deal with some major brands of tablets.

Installation and Migration Services

The installation and migration services of JKR computer sales and services company are focused on high-quality management of IT infrastructure, that ensures there is uninterrupted availability for the functionality of business applications. Our service options are tailor-made to include the various infrastructure elements that are required, such as hardware platforms, system software, database software, network & enterprise security, etc. Our company provides customers with a list of start-up and installation services, including site survey, planning, installation assistance, implementation assist, the configuration of software and hardware according to customer requirements, etc.

If you are having any trouble with your computer system or printer devices, whether it be faulty hardware or software issues like a virus attack or corrupted applications, and you don’t know how to go about solving it, then give us a call. JKR computer repair services will help you set up your PC system the way you want it to be. Our installation and migration systems are set up to cover every activity that falls under the day-to-day functioning of a business or home activity. Our experienced team of engineers can efficiently diagnose the issue and help resolve it quickly and economically. Everything from scheduling and installing new hardware and software, to configuration changes, upgrading or downgrading, system check-up, virus clean-up, and general diagnostic checks are ably and efficiently done in our advanced lab. We can not only undertake corrective measures, but we can also advise you on the best practices to improve the performance of your system.

At JKR Computer Repair Services, we understand the value of data and storage, and how important it is to retain the data needed for your business and personal growth. Keeping that in mind, we have a robust data recovery service that will help customers recover their valuable data from a wide range of data storage devices, including laptops, USB, hard drives, cameras, hard disks, memory cards, etc. irrespective of whether it is logical or physical recovery, and for any operating system.

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