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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

JKR computers


Q: Why system is not powering on?

A: Check the power cord functionality, check the power LED indicator in adapter & in laptop, try by removing rechargeable battery (if detachable by customer).

Q: Why system performance is too slow?

A: Due to software issue (improper updates / corrupted drivers & applications) or due to failure in hardware.

Q: Why MS windows showing error as not genuine?

A: Due to non-licensed operating system newly installed in computers. Or a recent license change occurred recently. Need to contact Microsoft tollfree number first.

Q: Why no display?

A: No display is due to any of the H/W (such as memory/MBD/LCD/cable etc.) failure in unit. Sometimes due to software (Corrupted windows -caused for no display after widows logo & Graphic card driver) also.

Q: Why unit not booting?

A: Due to any recent activity applied by the user on system or may software related issues or may due to H/W failure.

Q: Blue screen error

A: Try by removing the recently added S/W or H/W first. If issue remains, try to reload genuine OS. Still same, approach the ASP immediately.

Q: Mechanical Noise from Laptop

A: Normally, there are two rotating mechanical parts in laptops. One is CPU fan, and another is hard drive. Any of these can cause to create noise in unit. If seems the sound is abnormal, approach the service center for proper advice.

Q: Less battery backup

A: Battery backup is depending upon the available cells in rechargeable battery and purely depending upon our usage. I.e. watching a high-resolution video will lead to drain the cells much faster than a normal video. If you experienced an error for replacing battery, approach SC directly. Don’t use any non-branded batteries for replacement.

Q: Improper printout

A: Try by changing the cartridges first and if still issue remains, seek SC support.

Q: Dim display in LCD

A: Try by increasing the brightness with KBD (“FN” key + Combination Key). If no changes, issue may be due to H/W fail. Please approach SC.

Q: Date & time keep on changing

A: This is due to the failure in C-Mos battery. Approach SC and take advice to resolve this.